Create and deploy a Dero smart contract with a click of a button no code skill needed. Interacting with smart contracts can sometimes be difficult. This space is here to facilitate the use of Dero blockchain smart contracts a privacy focused blockchain. In addition some information can be found in the info section to help those who are still not fully decentralized. If you want us to implement a smart contract idea contact us on Discord. There are so many ways to decentralize everything from finance, news and social media there is almost no excuse anymore. And always remember “Not your keys not your crypto!”

New Wallet Registration

  • Sometimes Termux wallet registration will hang. Registering requires proof of work (to prevent registration spamming) the less CPU power you have the longer it will take. Registration is directly related to your CPU power, not nodes. On a device like Android you may need to register your new wallet address from a more powerful machine and then import your wallet address on your Android device.

Smart contract API features

  • Only installation you need is your Termux wallet ( see How-To )
  • Android app contains a Termux Dero wallet install tutorial tab with commands
  • Interact with active contracts or deploy your own smart contract
  • No coding skills needed just launch and use the application
  • Full On-Chain encrypted transactions no central server or central authority

ZeroNet / F-Droid

If you are not familiar with ZeroNet you should start using it. We may start hosting tutorials or smart contract IDs using ZeroNet. In order to run Dero smart contracts on a mobile device you will need to install Termux form the F-Droid play store.

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