Fund Your New Dero Wallet

This tip is how you can fund your wallet with very little fees from US Dollars to Dero.

  1. Set up an account at
  2. Connect your Coinbase account to your bank account
  3. Buy USDC, it is the only crypto you can buy with zero buy in fees
  4. Start a account
  5. Withdraw your USDC to Kucoin. Select the Solana Network for transfer on both ends.
    This will bring your fee down to $0.05. If you use the ETH network your fee could be up to $10.00
  6. On Kucoin Trade USDC/USDT
  7. On Kucoin Trade USDT/Dero
  8. On Kucoin Withdraw your Dero directly into your new wallet. The fee is very cheap around $0.10

Total transfer fees will be well under $0.30 for any amount of Dero including some small trading fees.
You can also trade your Dero on