DERO is a homomorphically encrypted protocol that can serve individuals and business worldwide, with fast and anonymous transactions, smart contract and service model. The DERO Project has created a platform for developers to deploy secure, open, scalable, and privacy-preserving decentralized applications.

This is a no KYC space to interact with smart contracts using a privacy focused blockchain called DERO and the standard Dero wallet. Each smart contract has a specific set of functions set up as quick calls so even a novel user can interact with Dero smart contracts.

Some basic command line skills will be needed in order to set up your wallet and install the extension. After setup is complete the process to interact with smart contracts is easy.

After a user has set up a wallet and set up their extension they can interact with smart contracts posted on this site. Send Dero to a contract or modify a contract depending on the contract terms. We can also help businesses create their own smart contracts.