Why use a decentralized central point of contact ?

DeroDNS v1.0.6
Decentralized On-Chain Contact Manager

Android / Termux
Firefox or Chrome Web Preview

0.5 Dero to submit or update an entry


This Dero smart contract stores the following information: Dero signer, URL, Oxen session key and a short description.

The goal of this project is to create an immutable public contact space using a private blockchain resistant to hacking and cyber attacks.
Just open the app and click Domains to view Dero signers. All data in this contract is decentralized and immutable only the signer can change an entry. Dero signers can update an entry at any time without the use of any central server.

This app will be good for grid down and massive cyber attack scenarios to remain in contact with other Dero users through Session or a web domain. This app will have a high chance of remaining functional and allow people to look up what will likely be changing contact information based on the severity of the event.

Be sure to read and enter the fields carefully before submitting your entry. Users can post regular domains, Matrix server links, Mastodon, IPFS and Zeronet links. You could even post Telegram channels or short public encryption keys such as PGP. The idea is to use anonymous identifiers like Session keys or ZeroNet links but users can post whatever they want.

The Dero signer is stored with each entry which allows viewers to determine over time which signer is a trusted party or send tips and donations directly to a signer. The idea is users will eventually search or bookmark trusted signers.

Remember to check the CONFIG tab for a Daemon and Wallet connection before submitting a new entry. If your DERO Termux wallet was started property and connected you should see the current height, wallet balance and your wallet address.

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