DeroDNS v1.0.2 (04/03/2023)
Decentralized On-Chain Contact Manager

PC windows, Linux Android / Termux
Best browsers are Firefox and Chrome

0.5 Dero to submit or update an entry

Smart DNS is similar to Namecoin but without the restrictions of only one dot bit domain. This smart contract stores website information (url, ip and description) in the DERO blockchain. The data is immutable, decentralized and can be updated by the signer at any time. Be sure to read and enter the fields carefully before submitting your entry. There is no restriction on multiple copies of a domain listing. That is being left open on purpose allowing this space to be more of a registry or act like a decentralized DNS search engine. Users can post regular domains, Matrix server links, Mastodon and Zeronet links. You could even post Telegram channels or short public encryption keys such as PGP along side your DERO address / signature.

A signer can have multiple submissions or a different signer could post other domains and descriptions. The signer is stored with each entry which allows viewers to determine over time which signer is a trusted party or send tips and donations directly to a signer. At some point the idea is the actual owner of a domain will become a signer and will update frequently. At some point viewers would search by trusted signers.

If things get out of hand due to bots, spam or AI the minimum entry amount could increase or the maximum amount of entries for this contract will automatically place a pause on the contract. If another contract is created with more features the Readme post on this contract will provide new contract information.

Remember to check the CONFIG tab for a Daemon and Wallet connection before submitting a new entry. If your DERO wallet was started property and connected you should see the current height, wallet balance and your wallet address.

Participate using the APP or go completely decentralized and use ZeroNet*.
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* The ZeroNet Daemon must be running. Download ZeroNet here